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 “I came to FAC last May for job training at BWI’s Brooklyn Woods. Since then, FAC helped me get through so many obstacles in my life. Single Stop staff advocated for me with Public Assistance and helped me keep my benefits during my job training. They also helped me get a grant from the Community Service Society to send my children to summer camp. Now I have a great job building kitchen cabinets for FAC’s new housing development for the homeless and seniors. FAC is still helping me. I met with one of their Financial Counselors, who helped me make a credit building plan, and their partner South Brooklyn Legal Services is helping me deal with an old misdemeanor on my record. Since last May, my life has turned around 180 degrees!”

- FAC Participant



"What We do to Bring the Vision to Reality"
Fifth Avenue Committee, Inc. (FAC) is a community organization in South Brooklyn that advances economic and social justice by building vibrant, diverse communities where residents have genuine opportunities to achieve their goals, as well as the power to shape the community’s future.

FAC is a nationally-recognized nonprofit community development corporation formed in 1978 that works to transform the lives of over 5,000 low- and moderate-income New Yorkers annually so that we can all live and work with dignity and respect while making our community more equitable, sustainable, inclusive, and just.

To achieve our mission, FAC develops and manages affordable housing and community facilities, creates economic opportunities and ensures access to economic stability, organizes residents and workers, offers student-centered adult education, and combats displacement caused by gentrification.

FAC's Principles in Action
Combining Organizing and Development
We combine grassroots organizing with community development so people can live with dignity and respect. Through organizing, we bring people together to fight for justice. Through development, we take collective responsibility for the welfare of our community.

Building Community Beyond Geographic Boundaries
Our community extends beyond geographic boundaries through the citywide impact of our programs, the state and national alliances we build, and the transnational experiences of the people involved in our work.

Promoting Community Control and Accountability
We create opportunities for our community to actively participate in decision-making in our work as well as in their lives. We believe that people should have a say in shaping their physical environment, and that community ownership and leadership provides accountability fundamental to sustaining our efforts over the long term.

Striving for Innovative Solutions
We acknowledge that today’s conditions may not remain the same tomorrow. We seek innovative, dynamic and entrepreneurial ways to achieve our goals.

Modeling Sustainability
We pursue development that equitably meets the needs of present and future generations. Sustainable design, construction and maintenance practices improve the quality of life for our residents and community. We seek to make hidden health, social, economic and environmental impacts visible through organizing and education, so individuals and collectives can take action.

Including our Entire Community
We strive to include members of our community in our work regardless of race, class, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, physical and mental ability, immigration status or criminal history.

Collaborating Effectively
We recognize that working for broader change requires working collectively with outside partners. We seek collaborations with organizations and stakeholders in our community and beyond that share our values and goals.

FAC is Hosting an Affordable Housing Workshop November 13th! RSVP now.


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