Affordable Solar

FAC Solar Background

FAC Solar participant installs solar panels on the rooftop of 621 DeGraw.

Clean and inexpensive solar electricity is out of reach for many low- and moderate-income renters and homeowners in New York CityGoing solar helps to reduce utility bills for tenants and owners alike, extends the affordability of multi-family affordable housing and 1-4 family homes all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) that harm our planet. 

FAC’s Solar program is addressing those critical goals through multiple strategies.  

FAC Solar currently has nine solar projects being installed that will generate 258 Kilowatts of electricity every year – equivalent to $75,000 in solar credits. 

Community and Shared Solar can help by providing access to affordable solar to reduce utility expenses for tenants and ownerand extend the affordability of existing multi-family affordable housing and 1-4 family homes all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) that harm our planet. 

Through FAC Solar, we can also assist low- and moderate-income 1-4 family homeowners in New York City evaluate their roofs for solar, provide education about going solar and assist with solar down payment assistance as part of an installation.

How Community and Shared Solar Works for You

Community Solar helps you reduce and stabilize energy costs. Most home solar serves only one family. Shared solar lets you take part in a larger project to access many of the same benefits.

Solar panels on the rooftop of 621 DeGraw.

FAC Solar builds operates community solar electricity projects. Customers, once enrolled, receive a share of solar electricity generated from our projects. And, if you live in qualified affordable housing, you do not pay a fee to join. You can cancel anytime, without penalty. 

We make it affordable by combining smaller projects into one portfolio. Operating a portfolio of projects allows FAC Solar to increase and credit all of the cost savings to affordable housing utility accounts. 

We provide access to cost-saving solar power for families living in multi-family buildings regardless of roof condition or home-ownership status. FAC Solar is working with property owners, nonprofit affordable housing, investors, and local governments to build, own and operate a portfolio of Affordable Solar for Affordable Housing. 

Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) is leading the design and development for open access, free community Mesh network spanning the length of the Gowanus Canal and creating a digital bridge for Gowanus businesses, residents, and community groups.

Barrio Solar

Barrio Solar is a campaign organized by nonprofits Fifth Avenue Committee and Solar One with support from Enterprise Community Partners to bring affordable solar power to ALL working families in Brooklyn!

Through Barrio Solar, participating homeowners are eligible for free solar feasibility studies, discounted solar pricing through a purchasing group, and an additional campaign-specific incentive of $3,500 per homeowner for families earning less than 100% of the Area Median Income.


If you are a homeowner and would like to learn more, visit Barrio Solar and register for an online neighborhood information session.