Contact Us

Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) 

621 DeGraw Street Brooklyn, New York 11217 

For general questions or inquiries contact: 

Phone: 718-237-2017 

Fax: 718-237-5366 

Adult Education 

294 Smith Street Brooklyn, New York 11231 

Contact Adult Education to get connected to English As a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education, GED Preparation, Neighborhood Employment Services (NES) and Basic Computer Skills classes. 

Phone: 718-624-3475 

Community Services Hotline 

Contact Community Services for unemployment, SNAP/food stamps, or other benefits assistance. 

Phone: 347-844-0220 

FAC Tenant Services 

Contact FAC Tenant Services for tenant advocacy and eviction prevention assistance. 

 Phone: 718-499-2094 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) 

132 32nd Street, Suite 106, Brooklyn, New York 11232 

Contact NHN for foreclosure prevention counseling and first-time homebuyer assistance. 

Phone: 718-686-7946 

Fax: 718-686-7948