Contact Us

Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) 

621 DeGraw Street Brooklyn, New York 11217 

For general questions or inquiries contact: 

Phone: 718-237-2017 

Fax: 718-237-5366 

Adult Education 

294 Smith Street Brooklyn, New York 11231 

Contact Adult Education to get connected to English As a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education, GED Preparation, Neighborhood Employment Services (NES), and Basic Computer Skills classes. 

Phone: 718-624-3475 

Community Services Hotline 

Contact Community Services for unemployment, SNAP/food stamps, or other benefits assistance. 

Phone: 347-844-0220 

FAC Tenant Services 

Contact FAC Tenant Services for tenant advocacy and eviction prevention assistance. 

 Phone: 718-499-2094 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) 

132 32nd Street, Suite 106, Brooklyn, New York 11232 

Homeownership Services

621 DeGraw Street Brooklyn, New York 11217 

Contact NHN for foreclosure prevention counseling and first-time homebuyer counseling. 

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling: 718-237-2017 ext. 151 or

Homebuyer Counseling: 718-237-2017 ext. 159 or

Fax: 718-686-7948 

When sending a fax, please be sure to include a separate cover sheet addressed to the program or person intended to receive it.