Landlord Housing Voucher Program

Are you an NYC property owner?
Find out how to lease your property for guaranteed rent and other benefits

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Benefits include:

Repairs and unit hold incentives: Your local community organization can connect you to funds to (1) make repairs to your unit and (2) pay you to hold your unit for the EHV program.

Guaranteed monthly rent payment: Most of the rent will be covered by the government, and the remainder will be paid by the tenant. You will receive an on-time monthly check for the City’s portion of the rent.

Get matched with a qualified tenant: The City will find a tenant for your property and will review and approve the tenant’s documents before they are matched with you.

On-call support: We will connect you to a City specialist who will walk you through every step of the program. The City specialist will help you even after your tenant has moved in.

Security deposit: You receive a one-month security voucher or one-month rent.