South Brooklyn Brownfield Opportunity Area

What is a Brownfield?

Brownfields are sites or areas of a community that are negatively affected by real or perceived environmental conditions.

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Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC) has received a grant from New York State’s Department of State (DOS) to carry out a Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Nomination Study for a large area within Community Board 7, which includes Sunset Park, Greenwood, and Windsor Terrace in Brooklyn, NY. The study area is comprised of three corridors with high concentrations of underutilized and potentially contaminated sites coupled with strong development and investment potential.

What is the BOA Program?

The BOA Program is a tool for developing a shared understanding of community needs and values and identifying opportunities to address those needs and advance those values through the transformation of brownfield and other vacant or underutilized sites into catalytic community assets. Many long-time families in this area are at risk of displacement, and there is an evolving environment for businesses and industrial businesses.

Through the BOA process, we will seek to advance consensus and implement a vision for the future of the neighborhood, guided by the following objectives:

  1. Development without Displacement: Serving long-term, low- and moderate-income, and immigrant South Brooklyn residents with affordable, safe homes and quality jobs.
  2. Public Land for Public Good: Aligning use of existing assets and redevelopment plans for sites that are publicly owned with community needs.
  3. Connected Communities: Improving access to quality open space, knitting corridors together through public realm and streetscape improvements, and facilitating connections to the waterfront and other community assets.

Project Team

The South Brooklyn BOA Nomination Study is being led by FAC and supported by a consultant team led by HR&A Advisors. The project team also includes experts in land use and planning, stakeholder engagement, and environmental review, with services provided by WXY, Grain Collective, and Langan, respectively.

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